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Stone Restoration & Cleaning
TORC & DOFF Cleaning Bolton & Manchester
Stone and Brick Restoration
Paint and Graffiti Removal from Stone
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Moss, Algae & Fungi Removal
Graffiti Removal from Stone
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Dudley Cleaning has a wide range of expertise and knowledge in the high pressure cleaning business. With over 15 years experience we have established an excellent reputation, one which is known throughout Bolton Bury Greater Manchester Lancashire and the Northwest UK.

Dudley Pressure Cleaning Bolton offers a variety of stone restoration methods in order to repair and restore stonework to it's original finish and colour. These methods include the industry leading TORC and Doff methods. Get more information on our services.

DOFF is a steam based stone cleaning system. Its unlike any other steam system and can achieve temperatures 150C at the nozzle end. The temperature and pressure can be varied  to remove different types of paint and biological matter.

The steam/superheated water will remove moss, algae, fungi and other biological matter and will also kill off spores. This means theres then no need to use any form of chemical in the removal process and can protect against further biological activity.

The TORC System is a complete stone cleaning system designed by Stonehealth. Its an evolution of the Jos system that was first introduced to the market over 20 years ago. It uses water, low air pressure and fine particles to gently clean stone.

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